Still playing with my iPad

Now I’m using the wordpress app to write a post. I can see the typing on the screen at least, but I see no way to upload a photo.

Ok, I see how to upload a photo. I have to click on the tiny keyboard icon to make the keyboard disappear from the iPad screen. Then I click on the photo icon, choose the photo from the library and click to upload it. Except it didn’t upload. I’m thinking that maybe my Internet connection isn’t strong enough since I don’t have WiFi here at home. I’ll try again sometime from an internet cafe using their WiFi. So for now, no photos or videos from my iPad unless someone can tell me how to make it work.

Well, rats. I can’t even upload this text to my blog using the wordpress app. What the heck am I doing wrong? Or is it my connection?

About Lou Murray, Ph.D.

I'm a professional writer/photographer, avid gardener, and active environmentalist living in southern California. I am retired from writing a weekly newspaper column on environmental topics in the Huntington Beach Independent, but I am still teaching at the Orange County Conservation Corps. This blog chronicles my efforts to live a green life growing as much food as possible for my husband and myself on a 4,500 sq ft yard that is covered mainly by house, garage, driveway, and sidewalks.
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