Photo entries for a museum exhibit

Wine country, Barossa Valley, Australia

The camera club that I belong to, Photographic Society of Orange County, has been invited to submit photos taken in foreign countries. The rules are simple. Only five shots per member.

Cattle, Barossa Valley, Australia

The judges will select photos to represent as many countries as possible, and will also try to distribute entrants among as many people as possible. We’ll get the selected images printed to 16×20 inches and mat and frame them all identically in black frames.

1988 World's Fair, Queensland, Australia

I don’t do a lot of foreign travel, but did go with the club to Nice, France in April. Those photos were digital. My other travel overseas was two trips to Australia in 1988 and 1989, and a trip to Japan in 1995, all business trips. A few vacations to Mexico and Canada rounds out my limited international experience. My pictures from those trips are all slides.

Morning light on beach at Cairns, Australia

My son Scott lent me his slide scanner, and I’m loving it. It’s a PrimeFilm3650u, with digital ICE technology, whatever the heck that is. The scanner will scan at 3600 dpi. Once I get my images scanned, I can work with them with my software.

Whatamolla Lagoon, Australia

Every other photographer on earth uses Photoshop, but a friend gave me a copy of Corel’s PaintShop Pro and that’s what I use. I’m amazed at how much better I can make my images once they’re scanned in.

Night lights at Bombay Beach, Australia

Morning at the wetlands, Baja Mexico

I had a terrible time choosing only five images out of all of the ones I liked. It was frustrating to eliminate some of my favorites in favor of getting as wide a distribution of countries as possible. My best Australia shots are still somewhere in a carousel, and I couldn’t find my shots from Canada. So I went with what I had. The pictures in this blog post are my finalists.

Sunset, Baja Mexico

Fire Station, Anjo, Japan

Koi, Japan

Firefighter's turnouts, Anjo, Japan

Roof, Nagoya Castle, Japan

Roof, historic shrine, Japan

Courtyard, Cagne sur Mer, France

Window 1, Cagnes sur Mer, France

Window 2, Cagnes sur Mer, FranceLaundry, Nice, France

Fountain at Place Massena, Nice, France

Flower stall, farmer's market, Nice, France

Spices, farmer's market, Nice, France

Dried fruit, farmer's market, Nice, France

Garlic, farmer's market, Nice, France

Mosiac sidewalk, Nice, France

Harbor, Nice, France

Soft drinks, Cagnes sur Mer, France

Kiss me, Monaco

Can you see why I had a hard time choosing? Which five would you have picked?

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